Days 16-21


Showers:                          4 (each)

Tent Nights:                     18

Hotel Nights:                    0

“Rustic” Cabin Nights:    3

Restaurant Meals           2

Miles Traveled:               624.35

Best Quote:  Yelled from the backseat of a passing car while riding through Waltersboro, “Where did you get your wagon?!”  Thanks to Jerry, for all of his help getting the frame put together, and to Faith for fabricating the canopy.  A Puppy Waggin’ post is coming soon!



We are in South Carolina!  And we are about to leave South Carolina!  The tires are smoking from burning up the backroads, riding 232.45 miles in the last six days.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will cross the border and be in state number three…Georgia!

Its an on-going joke on this trip that we have experienced some kind of plague at nearly every stop.  It’s becoming highly entertaining for us to see what is next!  Here are some examples…Thorns and burrs. Mutant mosquitos that had clearly escaped some kind of genetics lab.  Georgia counted 38 bites on 25% of one leg. So much rain it required digging a ditch (and breaking our shovel in the process).


Flies by the dozens. Fire ants, aptly named. Recently it’s been a series of critters, including a crazy squirrel who had a face-off with Biscuit (and lost), a tiny kitten, and a couple of stray dogs.

Our first hotel night is two days away, and we are looking forward to a day of R&R.  Since starting, we have only had three nights not in a tent, and by the time we get there we won’t have slept on anything but our camping pads for 22 straight days.  We have hauled around our food and cooked nearly 70 meals on the camp stove, eating out only twice (and one was Wendy’s, so it doesn’t really count…we just needed calories).

As mentioned in all previous posts, we are continually in awe of the support and generosity of the folks we know and the people we meet.


What is the average speed you think you are traveling on the road?

We use Cateye Strada bicycle computers to track our speed and miles. We upload the data via our phones to Strava, a free app that provides all sorts of statistics. At this point in the trip, we typically average 9-10 MPH. That is pretty slow from a cycling perspective, but we are carrying a lot of weight and we aren’t in a hurry. The target that we used in pre-trip planning was 10 MPH, so we are pretty close on that. Daily mileage varies, with our shortest ride at 19 miles and our longest at 57 miles. The planning goal was 250 miles per week and we might get up to that eventually, but just starting out and in this heat/humidity it has ended up in the 150-200 range.

Do you guys need bail money if you get caught sleeping with tents and dogs on this stretch of the journey? If I supply the money, can I please have a copy your mug shots??

We recently camped outside of a Police station, so it would be a short trip to the city lockup. Do you think the dogs would get mug shots too?  Kidding aside, the police and EMS have been very kind and helpful on our trip.  That’s a definite plus, since we are sort of like hobos on wheels.

Thanks for following along!  The updates have been slow because we have been going through rural South Carolina and it’s hard for us to get service and electricity.  GA may not be much better, so we hope both improve once we get to FL and start traveling A1A down the coast.

-Mark, Georgia, Junebug and Biscuit


2 thoughts on “Days 16-21

  1. mom BMC September 2, 2015 / 3:45 am

    How on earth are you two handleing all the bug bites, hope you have something to put on them
    and spray to ward them off now. I heard somewhere that Johnson& Johnson has a baby lotion
    that has alovera in it that helps to keep bugs away ( green color) not looked for it though.
    Keep on keepin on Mom B

    Liked by 1 person

    • freedompedalers September 2, 2015 / 6:13 pm

      The bug situation has improved, and really anything seems better than those mutant skeeters. We bought some bug dope and other than a few ankle biters, we are doing much better. Hopefully it will improve as we head out of the swamps and marshes.


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