The Pups

Junebug Bio

Hello!  I’m Junebug!  I am really looking forward to being with my family all of the time.  All of us will even sleep on the ground together!  Right down here at dog level!  It’ll be great.  And I hope we take lots of breaks to sniff stuff.  Well, Biscuit and I will anyway, I’m not sure why people don’t smell stuff.  It’s great!  I like to lick Biscuit’s ears.

Mark says I’m a “foster dog that never left” but I don’t really know what that means.  I just know that before living with Mark I had no idea that dogs could live a life this good.  Sometimes bad memories of my life before come back in my head, but I snuggle up and they go away like magic!  I don’t trust dudes too much, in case you are a dude reading this.  Except for Mark, he’s the bestest!

I love to hike and explore and be outside.  I’d be outside all the time if I could.  Treats are good.  When I run fast, I run like a deer.  That’s just what I do.  Dog treats are good, if I didn’t mention that.  Miss Georgia makes the best special treats in the whole world.

Biscuit Bio

I’m Biscuit!  I’m the brown one.  OK, I’ll admit, when I first came to live with my new family I was pretty much a jerk.  I tried to bite them and run away and all sorts of other bad dog stuff.  But I got to thinking about it one night and it sure did seem like a pretty good place to live.  So I decided to change my ways and now I know this is where I belong!  It’s my fur-ever home!  Haha!  I just made that up.

I am the protector of the family…if you want to mess with them, you gotta come through me first!  Grrr!  But don’t get me wrong, if I think you are part of the family I’ll snuggle you like crazy.  Snuggling is great!  I also like chewing on deer antlers.  And licking sand by the sea.  And I sure like chasing cats, boy do I!  But that makes the vein on Mark’s head bulge out, so I try to be good.  It’s not easy being good all the time.  You have no idea.  Unless you like to chase cats, then you probably understand what I’m layin’ down.

I’m really excited for this trip because of all the adventure.  I hope to see lot of antlers and cats.

PS.  I also like dog treats (especially those Miss Georgia homemade ones, they rule).

Junebug and Biscuit
Junebug and Biscuit

2 thoughts on “The Pups

  1. mom BMC March 12, 2015 / 3:37 pm

    June Bug and Biscuit are so sweet they rate right up there with Pumpkin. MOM


    • freedompedalers March 15, 2015 / 12:50 pm

      No doubt about that! They are such good little dogs, and great travel companions!


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