About Georgia

Fire and passion for life. Thriving. Giggle-y (as Mark puts it… Which makes me …giggle). Happy. Living in the moment. Free spirited yet a control freak planner. Pescaterian (vegetarian but I eat fish). Wheat allergy (gluten free).  Eat clean. Train dirty. Work hard. Play harder. Nature lover. Travel addict. Corporate hippie. Quirky. Adventurous. Clumsy. (Yeah that’s a bad combo!) Peaceful. Fierce. Intense. Dedicated. Loyal. Introverted. Introspective. A work in progress, always. Old fashioned. Classic. Old soul with a youthful spirit. Layers and facets. Authentic. Playful. Easily embarrassed.

About Mark

Kansas boy. Alabama transplant. Country. Hippie. Philosopher. Touring cyclist (clearly).  Brother.  Son.  Listener.  Dog dad to the two cutest dogs ever.  Raised by my mom and sister, which explains my high standards for women in my life.  Shower singer.  Cheese lover.  Beer lover. Wanderlust victim.  Traveler. Backpacker. Huge appetite. Can’t dance.  Can’t jump.  Spicy food rules!  Runner. Doesn’t float in water. Protector. Horrible bio writer.

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