Yeah, THIS.


Drink some boxed wine. Come up with crazy plan. Call it “Freedom Pedalers”. Create 17 spreadsheets. Create Cloud drive to share said spreadsheets. See Garth Brooks. Research, decide, buy 114 gear items. Start daily package delivery. Research bikes. Visit 6 bike shops in Minneapolis. Visit all of the bike shops in Birmingham. [M: all 4 of them] Research organic farms. Research routes. Project daily weekly monthly miles based on pedaling 730 pounds of people, dog, trailer, and gear. Collect weather pattern data. Map out locations of stops to see family and friends. Draw a squiggly line. Build a blog.  Add Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Set up Amazon Wishlist. Create email. Research bike frame manufacturer. Hear Richard Schwinn answer the phone. Decide on Gunnar bike frames. Research, decide, buy 53 different bike components. Build custom bikes. Take first ride with clip in pedals. Fall over. Buy a puppy trailer. Test puppy trailer. Design new puppy trailer. Buy new bike trailer frame for customization. Sign up for Warm Showers and Couch Surfing. Form Eagles Nest. Test trip. Sell stuff on craigslist. Garage Sale. Donate stuff to Goodwill. Make 11 trips to hardware stores. Build custom puppy trailer structure. Sell a camping trailer. Leg press 810 pounds. Get a logo. Listen to “I Lived” by One Republic, on repeat. Eat sushi. See Garth Brooks again in case he didn’t hear us singing the first time. Yeah.. We’re “Shameless”. Doggie checkup at the vet. Quit a job. Sell a house. Say goodbye. Rent a Uhaul.  Move from Birmingham. Drive to Topeka. Visit family. Brain freeze on frozen custard. [B: om nom nom nom] Drive to Minneapolis. Create dehydrated smoothie powder. Test trip. Clip in pedals take two. Fall over. Buy bubble wrap [G: you know, for packing]. Drive back to Birmingham. Dog dog another dog horse and another horse sit. Test trip. Test dehydrated eggs. (What’s that sound?) Have a party. Get maps. Get a bike fit. Get another bike fit. Drive to Kentucky. Visit family. Get one more bike fit. Drive back to Birmingham. Rebuild one bike. Get final bike fits. Eat sushi. Drive to Minneapolis. 8 trips to REI. Research, decide, buy 28 different trip clothing items. Contact potential sponsors. Cross fingers. Sell a vehicle. Create merchandise. Test General Delivery. Forget to pick up General Delivery. Retest General Delivery. Test non organic greens for potential allergy. Fingers and toes crossed. Practice emergency maneuvers and communication signals. Create goat cheese masterpiece. [M: potential after trip career]. Quit another job. Sell stuff on craigslist. Test the bike-a-dog. Build a custom puppy trailer canopy. Donate more stuff to Goodwill. Say goodbye. Rent a Uhaul. Move from Minneapolis. Drive to Iowa. Visit family. Drive to Topeka. Visit family. More frozen custard. [JB: ice cream is gooder] Whittle possessions down to what fits on 2 bicycles.  Drive to Kentucky. Visit family. Drive to Virginia Beach. Sell another vehicle. Rent a Uhaul. 4 hours loading gear. Drive to Grandy. Pause. Breathe. Reflect on the kindness and generosity of family, friends, and strangers who become friends. Launch on epic journey. Fingers, toes, and paws crossed.

Georgia, Mark, Junebug and Biscuit

3 thoughts on “Yeah, THIS.

  1. Dan August 13, 2015 / 12:03 am

    Downhills and tailwinds to you all.


  2. Lovina Bremer August 13, 2015 / 1:47 am

    Good luck cousin, much love to you! Just one question where do I mail your wedding invitation to?


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