Riding in Circles

As a kid I rode a red Schwinn Stingray.  It was a heavy steel bike with chrome fenders, coaster brakes and a banana seat.  It was practically indestructible, but back then I only understood it meant endless fun and freedom. 

My best friend Brett and I would ride around the neighborhood all day long, jumping speed bumps and creating our own adventure.  Sadly, the bike blew away in a tornado (I grew up in Kansas, no Toto jokes please) and it was never seen again.  Those early two-wheeled adventures also forged a friendship as strong as the steel in the bike.  Brett and I are still friends, 40+ years later.

Fast forward to today.  The bikes Georgia and I will be riding are made by a company named Gunnar, and at the top of the company structure sits one Mr. Richard Schwinn.  Yes, that Schwinn.  The Schwinn of my childhood Stingray.  The bikes will be handmade from custom steel tubing, oversized and made burly in key places to handle the strain of fully-loaded bicycle touring combined with hauling the Puppy Waggin’.  These bikes will be practically indestructible too.  Endless fun and freedom?  Oh yes, that’s on the agenda.  Forging durable friendships?  Check.  As for the tornado, I plan to ride like the wind, rather than being carried away by it.

–          Mark

“If frogs couldn’t hop, I’d be gone with the Schwinn.“ – Kermit the Frog

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